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  • Hotline:+86-512-65952986

    About us

    Fineforming is a leading manufacturer at deep-drawn stamping in China. The company started in Suzhou in 2007, mainly engaged in precision tooling development and deep-drawing stamping production. At this moment, the company has a workshop space of 20,000 m2, and 36 sets of press machines, and more than 20 pieces of precision tooling building equipment. We have the talent, know-how and experience to provide you with innovative metal-forming solutions which will create value for you in the long run.

    Our Vision:      Being known as an expert at deep drawn stamping.

    Our Mission:   Providing innovative metal-forming solutions to meet customers’

                                       needs and expectations, and creating value for customers consistently.

    Fineforming:  shaping ideas to value

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